Old Crypto Payment Window

Crypto Currency Payment Instructions

You can use cryptocurrency to buy any of the courses or products we sell. The steps are as follows:

1. When you pay with cryptocurrency you will be buying a one time Coupon Code for each product that you would like and you can send one payment for all of the products that you purchase. The Bundle that includes multiple courses is treated as one product or you can buy each course individually for the price shown. Paying by cryptocurrency only gives you a discount for the Bundle products.

2. Add up the total for each of the products that you want to buy using the price on the far right column of the page that shows the prices, this is usually the lowest price for the product.

3. Send the total amount of cryptocurrency for the cost of all of the products that you want to buy and send your payment in either USDC or USDT Coin to either of the following addresses and blockchains (NOTE: DO NOT SEND CURRENCY ON THE ETH ERC-20 Blockchain, we do not accept payment using that block chain and we do not provide refunds):

a. To send USDC/USDT (BEP-20, Polygon, Arbitrum) use: 0xBfF14402B1642BE3A2ca549B54F62Ae921FE9A1C

b. To send USDC/USDT TRC-20 (Tron): TQ5MJNCYv8bXypfNHo42YTkSXUmD75Q23P

4. BE SURE TO COPY THE TRANSACTION ID After you send your payment.

5. Send an email to cryptopayment@toptraders.pro
that includes the following information:
a. The transaction ID:
b. The total amount sent:
c. Explain which courses you are purchasing and the quantity of each item.

6. Within less than 24 hours we will reply back to you with your Coupon Code(s).

7. You will then enter the Coupon Codes in the checkout section of each product that you purchased in order to complete the sale without having to pay using your credit card.

IMPORTANT: Remember the Coupon Codes are only good for one time use! There are no refunds if you send too much currency and the products can not be purchased for anything less than the discount prices shown.