Become an Affiliate

IMPORTANT: It is required to complete both steps below in order to become an affiliate. In order for your your referral links from programs within the courses to be displayed to your downlines, you MUST use the SAME email address that you use to log into courses for the affiliate signup processes on this page.

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Step 1: Click here to become an Affiliate in the sales system USING THE INSTRUCTIONS BELOW…

  a. IF you already have a Thrivecart account then select the “Login & register” option and proceed to step “b” below before attempting to log in. If you do not yet have a Thrivecart account then select the “Signup & register” option.
  b. NOTE: If you selected to register for a Thrivecart Affiliate account with your existing Thrivecart account email address then you must immediately go through the password rest option by clicking on the “I’ve forgotten my password” link just below the “Sign in” button on the right. This is because your Thrivecart course and Thrivecart Affiliate logins are connected by email, but they use different systems. (i.e. your course login password will not be recognized by the affiliate system until you create the affiliate system password that you want to use.) Therefore, follow the instruction for obtaining a “new” or initial password via email so you can log into your new Thrivecart Affiliate account.
  c. After you log into your Thrivecart Affiliate account click on the products tab, then the latest product that you’ve signed up to sell and copy your affiliate link and paste it into section “b” in the step below.

Step 2: Register in the Program Affiliate system by submitting the requested information below and copy and save your affiliate link that will generated from the form below and the also save the Thrivecart Affiliate link from the step above. Both links will work and you can give your clients either one.

Below, enter the email address that you used to sign up as an affiliate:

Below, copy and paste your thrivecart referral link: (i.e. https://XXXX–bizopp.thrivecart.com/product-name)

Submit to enter into the Program Affiliate system and copy and save the additional affiliate link that will appear below after submission. Be sure to scroll down after you click submit to see the new link. You can use either affiliate links.